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December 2012 Budgerigar Article by Dr Marshall “Philosophy: On Breeding Exhibition Budgerigars”

Budgie Fertility

A continuation of article by Dr Marshall “Philosophy: On Breeding Exhibition Budgerigars”
“General Timing” Guidelines
Fertility problems (albeit not in every breeding pair) must be expected when budgerigars are paired at the wrong biological time of the year, irrespective of the presence of artificial lighting or temperature …

December Thought of the Month

Budgie Fertility

Thought of the month Knowledge varies from wisdom. Knowledge is knowing the solution to a problem while wisdom is knowing how best to apply knowledge to the situation

Budgerigar NORTHSIDE NEWS DEC 2012


A mighty big welcome to new member, Grant Dyer in joining the very successful Northside Budgie Club. Northside being a founding member of the Budgerigar Association of NSW has a long history of success in local, state and national competition and with a few more …




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