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2014 FEB News letter




February Newsletter 2014


Northside News February 2014.PDF VERSION PRESS HERE

Hi Everyone

The news letter this Month is going to be a little bit different. As you all know our editor and chief is recovering from his injuries caused by the car accident. Both Gerry and Michael are recovering slowly but it will take time.

I am sure the entire club offers their sincere condolences to Gerry and their entire family following the passing of Colleen.

I attended the Bi Monthly management meeting last Monday evening. I am afraid to report they are a disgrace. The children do not play well together. Some where along the way it would appear, the joy of keeping, breeding and showing our wonderful feathered friends has been overlooked and it all seems to be about rules, regulations and who is in control.

Lets hope we as a branch never lose sight of what it is all about.
Keeping Budgerigars.

My immediate reaction was to resign as one of our branch delegates, but after deliberating further decided to continue to represent our branch. I am absolutely certain every last person involved in the management of the BSNSW honestly wants the best for the members, but at present are finding it difficult to find the right balance of direction and promotion.

Opinions are a lot like bums, we all have one but who is to say whose bum works better than the next.

I am sure that there is a way to get everyone on the same page. I hope so anyway.

Now to the really important stuff

Sorry guys, but this bit is going to be all about me.

I didn’t put my birds down until after our annual show but I am very pleased with my results.

I have just fitted my 100th ring for the season. I can’t say for sure that I have found the secret to getting breeding results, but, from a total of 39 nests with 12 nests being complete failures (2 hens dying while sitting on eggs, Infertile eggs, failure of hens to sit on the eggs at all, other hens being so dirty no egg had a chance, hens not feeding day olds etc.)

I have added a summary of my breeding room secrets at the end of this news letter.

Please don’t take it as being the holy grail of what you need to do to successfully produce results, but it has worked for me for the past two seasons. I only have included my summary in the hope it may help.

We are almost certain we have arranged a presentation by Don Burke for the next branch meeting. We are just waiting for the final acknowledgement about the subject material, but I am sure it will be of great benefit to all our members. I unfortunately can’t attend (in NEW Zealand) but would encourage as many of you to attend as possible.

One other thing I would like to implement for our club is a register of what goal each of you have in keeping your birds. It doesn’t matter if you want to be the next champion breeder or just want to keep pretty birds. If we know what each members goal is, we all have the opportunity to offer suitable unwanted birds from each of our aviaries to the member who would be most pleased to have them.

Please draft up a list and bring it along to the meeting or email it to me. Include preferred variety, colour and any other information that lets us know what your goals are.

Finally we need to come up with future ideas of presentations for our meetings. Please let me know what you would like.

What I have been doing

Every breeding cage is set up with the following

(1) Cuttlebone
(2) Calcium Block
(3) Iodine Block
(4) Finger tray with shell grit
(5) Finger tray with Murhy’s minerals, E-powder & f-vite (Equal amounts)
(6) Cordona seed mix. (from Elenbee)
(7) Nest box from day 1.
(8) Wire cages with tray beneath filled with Chaff.

Water is changed every day. Finger trays are emptied and refilled each Saturday.

Added to water

Abidec multivitamin syrup with omega 3 (8 drops to the 2 litres)
Vitimin B 12 (5 mls to 2 litres)
Protexin Soluble (2 grams to 2 litres)

Note! Stop adding Abidec as soon as birds begin laying.
Alternate days Corn one day, Carrot and spinach the next.
I treated my entire flock before I started the breeding season with something recommended by Fred Wright from England. It is not usually used as a treatment for birds, and as such, I am not prepared to recommend its use. It does however seem that it has played a major roll in the much better results I have had so far this season. I don’t want to be responsible for any possible problems in some other breeder’s aviary. I am not sure about this now. I still gave my birds the same as last year, but really am not sure ?

One thing I will recommend is placing false eggs in problem nests. I have saved chicks already this season from splayed legs where the hen sat too tightly and in another couple of nests where the hen kept breaking the eggs.

This season I had a short period where I had about 15 chicks spread around 4 nests, that suddenly were not being fed well and looked extremely scrawny. They were all between 2weeks and 3 weeks old. Not sure the weather changed, something was disturbing the birds at night or what the cause was. It looked like they were all not going to make it. I crop fed them all a supplement feed morning and night for two days and they all responded immediately and they all became strong and the parents completed raising them well. I suspect they may have been dehydrated and too weak to demand feeding. ??????

Only other change has been to treat the flock with S76 on the last day each Month. This is to treat for worms and mites.

Once again I repeat. This has worked for me. It might all be just that I have been lucky or it might be the conditions I have at home here. I do possibly spend more time checking the birds in the breeding room than most. I don’t really know, but while it is working for me, I am certainly not going to change anything.

Hope this helps you.





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