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2014 June News Letter



At our last meeting we enjoyed the pleasure of the company of renowned judge, Kathy Manton and knowledgeable husband, Ian. Kathy had an array of about twenty five budgies to gaze upon and evaluate and criticise and praise, whichever was needed, and then suggested what type or what variety or what colour was needed to produce a specific outcome according to the wishes of the owner of the bird which was under discussion. All in all a very informative and enjoyable evening. Thank you Cathy and Ian.

Kathy Manton Judge, Budgerigar Breeder extraordinaire and Northside show manager Denis Beckett thanking Kathy for her support advicing us on good breeding and pairing.

Kathy Manton Judge, Budgerigar Breeder extraordinaire and Northside show manager Denis Beckett thanking Kathy for her support advising us on good breeding and pairing.


Our Treasurer, Donna Palmer, has produced a financial report dealing with the months of July 1st to the 31st December 2013. The results are very pleasing for all the hard working members of Northside and may be reviewed by members, by request, to our secretary, Pam Giles, at our meeting.


Dennis Becket has volunteered his services on to a task force group of five to help bring BSNSW up to date, this involves a lot of time and effort. As a consequence of the aims of the group Dennis has compiled a questionnaire that should enlighten him as to the wants and wishes of members.


The questionnaire will take only 10 minutes your time and if you have not replied by email please bring a written response to the meeting on Friday the 6th June.


As the Big Bird Show at Mascot, Northside was represented by John MacNamarra, Gary Job and Errol Bousfield.

John did particularly well with this clearwing hen by gaining the award of Champion Clearwing Hen of the Show.

Gary came away with a swag of awards by gaining four Best of Variety prizes and Best Bush Budgie.

Errol displaying his keenness by transporting himself and his birds by bus, train and then shank’s pony but getting lost and hailing a taxi for the remaining part of the journey.

Gary Job must have seemed like a knight in shining armour when he offered Errol a lift home.

Errol then decided to enter the Seven Hills cage bird show last weekend which entailed a 5am start with bus and train.

Errol was well rewarded with Grand Champion budgie of the show, Reserve Champion, Champion Miniature and Reserve Champion Budgie, plus two prizes in the raffle.


Dennis Beckett has taken the bit between his teeth and along with Mark Wilson is going to nominate for the position of Publicity Officer for the BSNSW. I am sure this is one pair that will fire things up.


We hope to have Craig Buckingham over to our meeting on Friday. Craig is a senior judge and a very nice gentleman and is going to go over some points of interest that may have been missed the night we had Bob Pitt and John Carter explaining the intricacies of yellow face blues.
















Quote of the Month

A creative person is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.
Gerry Lynch





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