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2014 Mar News Letter

Picture Erol winning a Junior prize at Northside Annual Show 2013




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Commiserations to all Northside members who were absent from our last meeting in February.  You really missed a very enjoyable evening.

With a very good roll up of interested budget fanciers, and a good group of enlightened youngsters, Don Burke excelled in presenting a lecture on so many differing aspects in the art of breeding budgies.

With our youngsters willing to have a go at answering so many of the questions that Don asked, Don told me he was amazed of the depth of knowledge displayed by persons so young.

The easy style of delivery kept the whole audience amused, occupied, wholly absorbed in the discussion and just wishing for more.

To reinforce all the tips, theories and facts Don presented on the night, printed notes on all the subjects he discussed were distributed to a very eager audience.

Some Videos and Pictures will be uploaded on to the website www.bsnsw.com or www.budgerigarnorthsidensw.com shortly,

Thank you Don Burke.


Big celebrations are all the go at the MacNamarra’s house this month.  The elder statesman of Northside is celebrating another birthday and is declaring open house to all Northsider’s during March.


You will be made most welcome for a yarn and a laugh and all you have to do is take along a bottle of nicely chilled chardonnay and perhaps a sponge cake filled with jam and fresh cream.

As a matter of interest I would like to find out, is there an older budgie showman, actually showing birds this season than our mate, John MacNamarra?


Michael and I would like to express our thanks to all at Northside for all the support and best wishes received after the tragedy that befell our family.

With two broken wrists I sustained in the crash, the birds were on their own until Dennis, Pam and Goran stepped in, without asking, and took charge.  Thank you members.


A very big welcome to the Northside family for Peter and Laura Smith.  To enjoy a hobby you need friends with a similar interest and there is a big friendly lot here at Northside.


St George conducted their Annual Show on Sunday, 16th February with a good healthy turnout of budgies.

Northside were represented by V & P Giles, Dennis Beckett and G & M Lynch, Errol Bousfield going along just to help out.

Dennis got Northside off to a flying start in the Novice Normal Blue Section, taking out 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  One of these went on to win 2nd Reserve Champion (that must be a new award).  The blue hen then went on to become Champion Novice Hen.  His violet dominant pied received a 1st and a Special.

Pam received 2nd and 3rd in the Open Section of Black Eye Selfs.  A 1st in Australian Yellow Face for Hens and in the Saddleback Class Any Age – Best of Variety and in the Young Class 1st and 2nd with the hen gaining Best of Variety.

G & M Lynch gained 1sts with Clearwing Cock and Hen in Intermediate with the hen going on for a Special.

Gary Job flew the flag for Northside at the Newcastle Show and did us proud. Gary gained Champion Crest of Show and was just pipped for Best Lutino and Best Albino.

As an added attraction to our next meeting, management have secured the services of renowned judge, Peter Todd.  To keep Peter busy on the night Dennis Beckett is bringing along Ten specially selected green budgies.

Peter will examine the birds as he would as if they were in the National Championships and place them in order of merit, from 1 to 10,  of course, keeping that order secret, until all present have made their selection and written those selections down.  The person closest with their selections to Peter’s selections will receive a substantial prize and if you can select the birds exactly the same as Peter’s selections you may select a second substantial prize.


What’s on in March

2nd   Hills District Branch Annual Show

2nd   South Western NSW BS Annual Show

9th   Central Coast Branch Annual Show

23rd   Tamworth Budgerigar Society Show

30th   BRASEA Auction Sydney



Story of the Month


Watch the birdie

A man walks into the vet’s office with a birdcage covered with a cloth. He places it on the table and carefully removes the cover.

“I’d like you to examine my budgie please,” said the man, “he’s been very inactive lately.”

The budgie is stiff as a board and lying on the floor of the cage. It smells.

The vet opens the cage door and removes the budgie. He examines it closely, mainly to humour the man who has clearly not yet come to terms with the death of his pet.

“I’m sorry sir, your budgie is dead,” says the vet.

“No, it can’t be, we’ve been together for years,” wails the man. “I demand a second opinion.”

The vet shrugs, leaves the room and returns with a cat. He places it on the table where the budgie lies and then steps back. The cat circles the budgie, taking the occasional sniff and patting the corpse with its paw. After about 30 seconds it turns to the vet and says, “Miaaooaaw, meowmeiaaoow, mieowmewww meaow.”

The man asks the vet what the cat said. “The cat says your budgie is dead sir.”

“No, nonono, I don’t believe it!” cries the man, “I demand a third opinion.”

The vet shrugs, leaves the room and returns with a golden labrador which he places on the table before once again stepping back. The dog performs a similar examination of the budgie before turning to the vet and saying, “woof, woof bark growl growl woof woof, bark.”

The man asks what the dog just said. “The dog says your budgie is dead sir.”

The man is clearly upset but now seems calmer. He hangs his head in sadness and says, “Well, if you all say that my beloved budgie is dead, then I suppose he must be. What do I owe you?”

“$650,” says the vet.

“$650!!!” shouts the man, “how do you work that out?”

“Well it’s $50 for me, $300 for that cat scan and $300 for the lab tests.”

Gerry Lynch





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