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2014 May News Letter




At our last meeting we had the pleasure of the company of Barry and Terese Ryan of Ellenbee Seeds.

As well as free delivery of products which was preordered, Terese provided once again what great value she is as an entertainer and orator of distinction whilst at the same time dispersing vital knowledge on all the medications, vitamins and mineral supplements that Ellenbee handle for the benefit of enthusiasts of aviculture.

Thank you Terese for turning a nice night into a somewhat better night.


All members by now must have noticed the serious shift of quality in the catering department for our monthly meeting.

This has been brought about by Kylie Cook assuming the role of Catering Manager and what a fine effort is being demonstrated.

I am sure members are very willing to show their appreciation in any way possible.


Manly Warringah Avicultural Society staged their annual show at St Ives in April.

Northside being represented by Errol Bousfield, Garry Job, Ella Cooper and G & M Lynch.


Errol produced outstanding results with seven first placings and going on to take three specials.  Errol then went down to Wollongong, by public transport last weekend for the Wollongong Cage Bird Show and gained two first placings and two second placings.  Ella Cooper exhibited three birds for two firsts and a no place, the bird having dropped its tail which was still in the cage. Garry Job secured Champion Clearwing, Champion Crest and Reserve Champion Bush Budgie. G & M Lynch obtained two first placings, several minor placings and two no placings.

Although this show is a big bird show, in numbers, the budgie section is not large.  But to be placed in amongst the winners one has to overcome the open breeders such as Warren Wilson, Peter Dodd, Joe Alias etc.  So I think this makes the effort of Northside “pretty damn good”.

At our meeting on Friday we will have for our pleasure and enlightenment the most knowledged of judges, Kathy Manton.

Kathy will render her views on any subject, pertaining to budgies, that may be of interest to members and also if you bring along any pairs you are thinking of putting up for breeding, Kathy will give you a good idea of the suitability of the mating.


What’s on in May

4th        Macarthur Branch Annual Show

18th      Hunter Branch Annual Show

25th      BRASEA Auction Sydney


Quote of the Month

Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from.



Regards Gerry Lynch





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