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DEC 2013 Meeting



A very busy period has arrived for all Northsiders.  We have just concluded a successful conduction of the Lawn Show at St Ives and now, for the big night of the year, our Christmas get together on Friday, 6th December.

After we settle down from that celebration, we will have Christmas on top of us, to celebrate.  Followed by new celebrations and then to kick start 2014 we have on the first Friday of the new year – 3rd January – the opportunity to celebrate the arrival of Bruce and Nola Bradford to our meeting.  They will display, for our pleasure, the winners and place getters at the last National Budgerigar Championship held in Toowoomba in June.

This is a night not to be missed, as the excellent commentary, delivered by both Bruce and Nola, as each set of slides are shown and then compared to the previous year’s winning birds is enlightening and very informative.

So mark this date down in your new 2014 diary.


But back to our first consideration, Friday 6th December.

During the year, many people have visited our club to give talks, demonstrations or help in many ways and as a way of expressing our thanks


management has invited them back to join with us in our celebration of the festive season.

We will have Warren Wilson, Garry Yannakis, John Carter, Richard Bucior, Barry and Terese Ryan, Ron Robertson, Ian and Cathy Manton

I’m sure all Northsiders will gather around our guests, make them feel so welcome and show that hospitality at Northside is second to none.

Remember all partners and friends are welcome.  Just bring along a plate or two, commensurate with your numbers.

As an added bonus to our big night we are lucky enough to have coming along the most respected, Mike Cannon.

Mike is a veterinary genius who luckily for us specialises in aviculture and has been the resident vet at the Royal Easter Show since budgies have been shown there.

Mike will be giving a talk on the best ways available to keep your budgies healthy and answer questions you may have.

As Barry and Terese of Elenbee Bird Supplies will be in attendance and as their business will be closing down over the Christmas period (21st December to 21 January 2014).  This will be a great opportunity for Northsiders to have delivered right to your car enough seed and any accessories to tide you over the Christmas break.

Give them a call on 9624 5129 to order.


John Hogarth has come to the rescue and gathered up all the goods and chattels from the aviary of Rob Spadon.

Items such as seed feeders, drink bottles, cabinets etc etc will be at the meeting for any Northsider who can make use of such articles.


Something new, something different!  A visit to the aviary of Dennis Becket. Whilst there, feast your eyes on some gorgeous young budgies and some older matrons too.

To top the afternoon off, Dennis is catering for us by way of one of his famous BBQ’s.  So be there on Sunday, 1st December at 1:00 pm.


At last management meeting, Canberra Club, intimated they are abandoning their Young Bird Show this year to combine it with their Annual Show and term it their Super Show.

They wish to add a section for U.B.C.s, to help boost their numbers.

This strategy was vetoed, with rules already passed denying the right of any club to legislate for the showing of U.B.C.s at annual shows.

Perhaps this was a hasty decision by management.  This does not fit well with everyone and should be looked at again by management.

Could we have some discussion on this subject at club level please.

Another sticky point that took up much time and discussion was publicity officer for B.S.NSW at the AGM.  The only person willing to put his hand up was Don Burke.

Don painted a rosy picture of what he could do with our magazine – with articles from all over the world, colour photographs, a magazine that would be in demand worldwide, with the costs negligible. Put that up against the magazine that we have at present, with the cost running at $17,000 per year.

What should we do?

The problem with Don’s innovation is it would be totally electronic.  You would need a computer or IPad to receive it or as an alternative have someone (friend or family) print it out off the computer for you.  There was much more discussion at the meeting, which we can communicate at our club meeting.


Here is your big chance to give a little, or a lot.  John MacNamara will be supplying the basket for our Christmas hamper, so it is our chance to fill it up.  You may bring along anything that you yourself may like to receive if you won a Christmas hamper.  This prize is always very much sought after so don’t be shy in lining up to buy tickets.


Enjoy these Christmas related jokes.

Q. What kind of bird can write? A. A pen-guin

Q. What did Adam say on the day before Christmas? A. It’s Christmas, Eve.

Q. Why does Santa Claus like to work in the garden? A. Because he like to hoe, hoe, hoe!

Q. How is the Christmas alphabet different from the ordinary alphabet? A. The Christmas alphabet has NO EL.

Q. Why wasn’t the turkey hungry at Christmas time? A. He was stuffed!


The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.

Regards Gerry Lynch


Here are a couple of pictures from the Lawn Show held on Sunday 24th November. John Hogarth receiving the Perpetual trophy for the Bush Budgie.

John Hogarth - Bush Budgie Trophe




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